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Myriad Explorations On A Tour To Singapore

Myriad Explorations Tour Singapore

Singapore in Southeast Asia is synonymous with innovation, modernity and an overall progressive mindset. It is a coveted tourist destination. By the beginning of 2022, nearly 1.5 million tourists from all over the world have visited this island destination. It has numerous attractions that tourists can enjoy with family and friends alike.

It is located at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula and comprises about 64 offshore islands other than the main one. The Johor Strait separates it from Malaysia. It has sunlit and rainy weather all year round. Hence, there is no particular season to visit here.

So here is a look at the varied activities and sightseeing that tourists can enjoy in this bountiful place.

Natural Beauty on Display

The tropical island of Singapore is blessed with a diversity of natural beauty. Approximately about 700 square km are full of natural greenery. This green cover and the variety of vegetation are a showcase for tourists. Have a look at these spots in your Singapore tour.

  • The National Orchid GardenThis is part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is a 163-year-old tropical garden honoured with the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within this space is the National Orchids Garden, there are about 1000 orchid varieties. The Horticulture experts designed almost 2000 varieties of handcrafted hybrid cross orchids here.
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The National Orchid Garden Tickets, Singapore is a gateway to this land of beauty. It is gifted with pure natural beauty. The Tropical Montane Orchidetum has orchids from different altitude zone of a montane forest. With the National Orchid Garden Tickets, you can visit the Sembcrop Cool House. This place has orchids from five geographic zones from Australia, Afrotropics, Malesia, South Asia and Southeast Asia bio-regions. See the orchid varieties Bromeliads, Rododrenrons, Gesneriads and Magnolias among many more with National Orchids Garden Tickets. Learn and know something about these beautiful blooms at the National Orchid Gardens.

  • Gardens By The Bay– make sure to pay a visit to the Gardens By the Bay in Singapore. This is an example of picturesque landscaping by horticulturists and other professionals. The place is located in the Marina reservoir area. It is a sprawling expanse full of blooms and landscape of a diverse tropical foliage.

The primary attractions here are the Flower Dome, Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest, Floral Fantasy and the Skywalk. The beautifully crafted flower arrangements at the Flower dome and Floral Fantasy is mesmerizing. There are varieties from all biozones here. The African savannas, arid zones and the Mediterranean regions. At the Cloud Forest visit the world’s tallest indoor waterfall 35 meters tall and perch on the Supertree Observatory which is about the height of 16 storey building. Do not miss out on the dazzling light and sound show twice after sundown. Overall, the Gardens by the Bay is a must on your Singapore trip for sure.


Engage in Fun Activities With Family

Singapore is loaded with several engaging activities. It pulls tourists with its unique things to find the fun elements. Here are a few areas where you will find them:

  • The Airzone- Suspend in zero gravity feeling with AIRZONE Singapore Tickets in the City Square Mall. It is an indoor facility to engage in numerous fun activities. It is like a playground at an elevation with special games. AIRZONE Singapore Tickets lets you explore a moonwalking experience right here on Earth.  The net-covered zone gives you the experience of walking on a bouncy net where you may get the feel of walking on the moon or water. The fear in the first few minutes quickly vanishes as you begin to feel the fun. Do not worry as it is a very sturdy net able to carry bus load of people.

At Airzone Singapore, there are more fun things to do. Lie on the nets to relax, and drool in the 5-storey high hammock. Turn upside down to glimpse at the miniature people Splash yourself at the Ball-pit and float within the balls Feel the kid-like thrill and crawl in the 3-D Maze with nets. Finally, go up one side and slide down on the other in the Giant Slide fun. AIRZONE Singapore Tickets land you in a fulfilling fun and frolicarena. Cherish it wholeheartedly with lots of selfies.

Wildlife Magic

As shared above, Singapore is blessed with a tropical variety of flora and fauna in plenty. Take to safari ventures on your tour. Peep into some of them here:

  • Jurong Bird Park– Meet some of the colourful winged friends at the famous Jurong Bird Park on your tour. Here you venture into colourful attractive creatures of all kinds. See the 500 varieties of nearly 135 species at this bird park. Some of them are Bali Myna, African and Humbold penguins, Malayan Peacock Pheasants and so much more. Engage in feeding these feathered friends at particular times. It is an exciting venture for the whole family.
  • Night Safari– Experience the world’s first nocturnal safari at the Mandai Wildlife reserve. Tourists can opt for a tram ride or on foot on four such walking paths. Watch about a100 species of animals such as the Malayan Tiger, Asian elephants, Malayan Tapir and much more. These are separated by naturally created enclosures, unlike a zoo. So while you see these animals in their natural way they are safely at a distance from you.

A View From the Top

A view of the cityscape from the top is like none other. The Singapore Flyer is one such must-do activity here. High atop 165 meters above the glistening Marina Bay and the surroundings are breathtaking. Learn about Singapore’s history and transformation from the interactive journey in the time capsules. The panoramic view is simply an experience not to miss. The glass-covered capsules rotate at a gentle speed to let you catch the view and click memorable pictures.

Singapore has much more to explore. Natural beauty with man-made wonders is what makes this city worth visiting each time for more.