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192.168.l.254 | – Enter as Router Admin


To access the modem located at the IP address, click on the link below. (192.168.l.254)


On access points, is a commonly used IP address, normally used to access the modem administrator panel. Therefore, through this IP address, users can modify their modem and local LAN settings.

To know the characteristics belonging to this IP address, below we will demonstrate the general information that belongs to this address, as well as the configuration that can be modified to customize the characteristics of your Network.

Basic information –

In this section we will show you the basic information regarding the IP address

  • Classification: IP address for local use.
  • Primary use: Gateway to access modem settings.
  • Major modem brands: Alcatel, Motorola, Thomson, 2Wire, 3Com.
  • Most common error: 192.168.l.254.
  • Main Internet companies (ISP) of the modem:
    • Mexico: Telmex, Huawei, Motorola, Blue Telecom.
    • Spain: Movistar, Vodafone, MásMóvil.
    • Argentina: Telecentro, Fibertel, Express, Sion.

Address specifications

  • Assignable IP address range: –
    • Note: the IP address is the broadcast IP address therefore it is not used for the address of a host or device within a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Ports used: As an access point, it normally uses port 80 for the flat http protocol, or 443 for an https protocol. Only when used within a host or server can it access other ports without the need for configuration by the manufacturer.
  • Connection speed: This is a factor that directly depends on the network bandwidth, therefore it cannot be calculated directly within the IP address without monitoring tools. It may be displayed within speed calculation in the modem administrator panel.
  • Common errors: Below we show a list of erroneous IP addresses, which are normally misspelled by users who want to consult within any Internet browser: http 192.168.l.254, 192.168.1., 192.168 .1, 192.168, 192.168.l, 192.168.1 .., 192.168.o.1, 192.168.l.254.1, 192.168, 1.92.168.l.254, 192.168.l.1, 168.192.l.254, 192.168 .1.264, 192.168.1254, 192.168.254, 192.168.11, 192.168 l 254, 192.1681.254, 1921681254, 192.168.1 254, 192-168-1-254, 192.168..1.254, 168.192.o.1, 192.168 1.256,,, 192.168 l 256, 194.168 l 254, 192.268 1.254, 192.1 68.1 254, 192.168 1.258, http 192.168 1.68 8080, 192.168 0.256, 192.1 254, 192.168 1.68 8080, 193.168 l 254, 192.268 1.254, 192.68 l 254, 162.168 or 1.254, 192.168 1.354, 192.68 1.254, etc.

Services associated with 192.168.l.254


Even though the IP address is established by default as the gateway to the modem, there are other uses and other services that can be configured in the devices using that address.

Among some of the accesses to services that can be configured for a host configured in are the following:

  • SSH access – Security Shield access is prescribed as a way to access the server or host securely. Its standard port is number 22 using the TCP protocol.
    • The syntax to access the host through SSH is the following through the console or PuTTY: ssh [email protected]
    • It is also possible to access the server or site for secure copying of files through the scp secure copy command. The way to make the copy is as follows:
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    • From client to host: scp file [email protected]:path
  • Ping – A simple way to check connectivity to a certain IP address is through the ICMP protocol, where, through light messages, messages are allowed to be sent and received to determine if a certain host has connection problems. Its syntax is as follows:
    • ping

Other services

  • Web server – You can configure a web server of local scope within your network at (with access from any of the computers on the Network) and even with access to the outside through a Proxy through the public IP address.
    • Access can be done through the HTTP protocol, where port 80 is used to make requests to the web server.
    • If the HTTPS protocol is required, you can require a self-signed certificate to process encrypted requests.
    • The configuration of the 192.168.l.254 web server is independent of the technology used. Some of the most used technologies are Apache and Nginx.
  • Database – You can also configure a database server within the IP address, where according to the database used is the port it handles, for example MySQL uses port 3306, while PostgreSQL uses the 5432 and SQL Server 1433.
  • Email service – The email service is configured on the following ports, according to the TCP protocol used:
    • SMTP – In English Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is used to send email. Its standard port is 25, although 587 is also used. In the case of encrypted communications (or SSL), port 465 is used.
    • POP3 – Post Office Protocol is the TCP protocol used to receive e-mail, used within the OSI model. Its used port number is 110 in flat and 995 for SSL / TLS connections.
    • IMAP – In you can also configure the Internet message access service, the protocol uses ports 143 in clear, 220 in its version 3 and 993 in its secure IMAPS version.

Troubleshooting connection to


Quite often there are problems connecting to the network access point at 192.168.l.254. Here are some of the most common problems and some of the ways to diagnose connection problems and how to fix them.

No network connection

It is the most common problem. There is no physical connection to the network, or at least the access point is unreachable from the host. To diagnose this connection problem, a simple test is easy to do.

  • Physical inspection of the connection: The device does not have a connection to the access point if there are problems in any part of the configuration or it has a physical failure, either by wired or WiFi.
    • Wired connection failure: Check that the cable is correctly connected to the network card, both on the device or host side and on the access point side.
      • If it is correctly connected and there is no connection. The connection could have a faulty section in the cabling, network card of the access point or of the host. If the problem is the cable, replace the Ethernet or Fiber Optic cable with another in optimal condition. In case of network card failure, replace the card.
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    • Wireless connection failure: If the connection to the wireless or WiFi device fails, verify that the device is properly connected to the network interface, and if it does not work, check the connection settings. If the problem is not resolved, verify that the wireless device is within the coverage area of ​​the wireless access point, or replace the network card.
  • Network configuration failure: There are many possible causes why network configuration could fail. Some of the most common are mentioned in the next section.

Setting the IP address

The two ways to assign the gateway IP address are under the DHCP mechanism or statically. We explain both scenarios below. We also show you this article for a more extensive explanation.

  • Interface configuration with DHCP mechanism: The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, in English DHCP, allows the assignment of IP addresses in the range of certain pre-established criteria.
    • Being dynamic allows the address to be assigned automatically by the access point for each of the hosts with policies that prevent the same IP address from being assigned for two devices.
    • The 192.168.l.254 DHCP failures could occur when the IP address range is not defined correctly, for example, it is not within the private IP address field, or when the service is not working properly.
      • For the access point at the DHCP mechanism must assign the dynamic IP addresses in the range of to
      • In any Linux environment the command to use is dhclient and for other environments configure it from network properties.
  • Static interface configuration: The static interface is configured directly with the ifconfig or ip addr commands for Linux. The correct syntax to do this is as follows:
    • ifconfig eth0 netmask up, where eth0 is the interface name and the IP address of the netmask.
    • ip addr add dev eth0, where we only specify the IP address that we want to assign to the indicated interface (eth0).
    • iwconfig wlan0, to configure a wifi-only interface

Error: Website not found

Remembering that the IP address of the access point, or the network administrator panel, requires a website embedded in the router, this error may occur if the site is not available, or is not within the scope of the network.

Normally this type of failure occurs when the IP address is not available, or when this address is different due to the manufacturer or brand of the modem.

Common alternatives to IP address 192.168.l.254 – When the specified IP address does not allow access to the administrator panel to the network, it is possible that it is within one of these alternate options:

Which could allow you to access the network administrator panel instead of the address

192.168.l.254 or

Typing errors: Usually users make the wrong searches for the IP address, as well as presenting some other type of typing error. We show you some of the most common typing errors in the specifications section.

About the public IP address

Public IP addresses are those whose reach is global and is the basis on which the Internet is built. These addresses are assigned by the IANA based on the IETF protocols for different ISPs, for their clients to use to grant them access to the Internet, as well as for servers around the world.

It is important to show the user that the IP address belongs to the range of IP addresses for private use, therefore access to this address is not allowed except within the local network. If it is about viewing or using its contents as part of a network service, you have to use a proxy, or else make use of the public IP provided by the ISP in a static or dynamic way.

Private Address Settings

The access and characteristics of the private networks are managed directly from the access point, in such a way that all the devices connected to the local network follow the pre-defined rules for their routing, filtering, policy monitoring, handling of headers and protocols, etc.
There are many applications that allow you to carry out these activities for network configuration, some of the most relevant are shown below:

  • nmap: Application that allows port mapping, operating system of a certain IP address, its syntax to follow is as follows:
    • Syntax: nmap -v -A [IP address]
    • For example, to do the port mapping for the access point, we simply run the following command:
    • nmap -v -A
  • traceroute: Application used to show the route followed by network packets to reach the IP address or destination domain.
    • Syntax: traceroute [IP address]
    • An example of using traceroute with the address of our router or modem is as follows:
    • traceroute
  • nslookup: It is responsible for obtaining the reverse dns in question. To obtain the data, the following command is used:
    • Syntax: nslookup [IP address]
    • For example, to obtain the reverse dns of the access point, simply execute the following command:
    • nslookup Router Brands

For many internet users, the IP address might sound technical, but it’s a pivotal link to their home or business network settings. This private IP address is commonly recognized as a default gateway for several routers, especially those in the ADSL category. Let’s delve into the popular router brands that use and offer a brief overview of their contributions to the world of networking.

1. 2Wire

  • Legacy: Once a notable name in the telecommunications equipment sector, 2Wire produced DSL equipment, including routers, gateways, and home networking adapters.
  • Usage: Most of 2Wire’s routers and gateways, especially those provided by ISPs, have as their default IP address.

2. Pace (now part of ARRIS)

  • Legacy: Pace was a renowned developer of technologies, products, and services for the broadcast and broadband industries. It later became a part of ARRIS.
  • Usage: Several Pace DSL modems and gateways default to the IP address.

3. Billion

  • Legacy: Billion is a global ICT solutions provider, offering a range of networking equipment, including routers, DSL modems, and adaptors.
  • Usage: Certain models of Billion routers and ADSL modems utilize as their default IP.

4. Thomson (now Technicolor)

  • Legacy: Thomson was a significant player in the digital video technology sector. It later rebranded as Technicolor, continuing its legacy in various tech sectors.
  • Usage: Many of Thomson’s DSL devices, especially older models, default to this IP address.

5. Alcatel

  • Legacy: Alcatel, known for telecommunications equipment, has played a substantial role in the industry’s development over the years. Today, it’s more recognized as Alcatel-Lucent.
  • Usage: Some Alcatel routers, especially those designed for broadband access, might use this as their default IP address.

6. Zoom Telephonics

  • Legacy: Zoom Telephonics produces telecommunications products, with a focus on internet access and VoIP.
  • Usage: Selected models of Zoom DSL modems and gateways have this IP as their default.

7. Linksys

  • Legacy: As a global brand, Linksys has a vast array of routers and networking products that cater to both homes and businesses.
  • Usage: While many Linksys routers use, a few models, especially older ones, might be set to


The configuration of the IP address in the access point is predefined at the factory, however, it is essential to know the default values, from which you can make any type of adjustment in the connection of your devices to the local network.

Even with existing errors such as 192.168.l.254, 192.168.o.1 and other similar ones, the way to access via search engine is functional even for the most novice, and for this we provide you with this guide, to help you configure your access point and the devices that make up your network.

This IP address might seem like just another number, but it’s the cornerstone of many network settings. The brands associated with this IP have shaped the internet connectivity landscape in various ways. Whether you’re setting up a new network or troubleshooting, it’s vital to know your router’s default IP. If in doubt, always consult the router’s manual or the manufacturer’s official resources to ensure a seamless networking experience.

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