24 May, 2024


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How to compress a PDF file with iTop PDF?

How to compress a PDF file with iTop PDF?

A portable document file (PDF) is one of the most commonly used formats which is used for creating data. This is widely used nowadays and you have seen a lot of eBooks, study material, or in the form of text files. There comes a question in mind why this file type is used widely across the world?

The answer is that this format is easy to read on all devices and is compatible too. The files can be edited or shared on other devices easily which is a great thing. Once you send this file to someone and after reading if he found some word misspelled or misplace, he can edit it himself easily. However, some pdf editors only provide a reading feature, not an editing feature. Then how can one edit such a file?


Sending large pdf files takes a lot of time and by compressing such a large file, you can decrease the size of the file without down in quality of the file. Also, you need an application that helps readers edit that file if needed. You will get all your answers from iTop PDF. This article will discuss how to compress a file with iTop pdf compressor.

  • You can access it using our website pdf.itopvpn.com. Currently, iTop is supporting only Microsoft windows, not the mac operating system but we are hopeful that its mac version will soon be developed by someone.
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  • After installation, you can use it without creating any account. The free version has some limitations but these are ignorable as you can do all necessary editing in the free version. You can do all this in the online version also without the need for downloading and installation.
  • Its editing system is the same as Microsoft word. You can make all the necessary changes like adding watermarks, changing font size, type, and color, inserting images, links, or videos, and many more.
  • Then comes the main function of iTop which compresses the file to less than 1 MB. Also, you can protect your file by adding a password to your file. A person having a password to that file can only open and view this file.
  • After compression, you can save and download your compressed file to your computer.

Benefits of compressing a PDF file online with iTop

Free and without the watermark: You can compress a file for free and without any watermark.

Safe: Once you compressed your file, our system deletes your file permanently after 30 minutes to ensure the safety of your data.

Fast compression: If it compresses the file very promptly than other software.

Reduce size not quality: It is important to note that the compress PDF reduces the file size not your content like text or image quality.

Available on all platforms: iTop pdf compressor is available on all platforms like Opera, Windows, Mac, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, etc.

Final words

In offices, the pdf file is widely used as its light in weight but to open and do necessary editing proper software is always required like iTop. Whether you are using a newly made pdf or a very old one, iTop pdf compressor and an editor will be your first choice as it is easy to use, very efficient, and offer complete privacy. Therefore visit our website and enjoy using the free and worlds best pdf navigator.